Sunday, April 21, 2013


One issue I have with going "vegan" is that a lot of times you end up substituting "real food" for  processed ones! Especially when it comes to dairy and cheese alternatives. It may be that the long list of ingredients is at the end "harmless" to you, but my gut feeling still tells me that this isn't real food, therefore it must be eaten with caution!

This is part of the reason I prefer diets that focus on eating REAL FOODS, such as Dr. Fuhrman's nutritarian one. But eating REAL FOODS (straight up from nature) can be a very difficult thing to do, especially nowadays when life is constantly on the move, and when most people spend more time outside than actually inside their homes. Add to that a toddler and a baby, then you're really in trouble! :)

So yes, I fail at this "real food only" thing! I end up adding some processed stuff to my meals daily, with dairy alternative milk being a staple at our home. I would LOVE to make my own almond milk, but it's simply not practical with my daily life...I guess making breastmilk is all I can do for now ;) hehe...  But as any "health conscious" person out there, whenever getting a processed food, I always shoot for the one with the least amount of ingredients in it, and hopefully all things I can pronounce!

The Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread that I normally purchase to enjoy on occasion or in recipes that calls for it (I usually get the soy free version), can have a quite extensive list of oils, natural flavors and natural coloring ingredients. So when my nutritionist cousin gave me this 3 ingredient margarine spread recipe, I couldn't wait to try it!

Of course it's so simple that you keep wondering, "why didn't I think of this before?"

Here goes the RECIPE:

So basically all you do is blend (I use my Ninja Bullet, but any blender will do) Extra Virgin Olive Oil with fresh basil leafs (you can actually use any herb you like!) and a little bit of salt to taste. After you blend it, you just put in a glass container in the fridge and wait for it to turn into a margarine-like consistency! Simple, eh? 

I didn't add measurements because I didn't get any, and just eye balled the entire process. You can't go wrong here! Keep tasting it and adjusting to your liking of the herb taste and salt. 

Very yummy on a piece of bread!!! :)


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