One More Foodie started out by accident. One would think that since I love food and all food related things so much, that I would just LOVE to cook! And love I do, but just not all of the time, nor most of the time! Having a husband who is highly unskilled in the cooking department, much of the cooking is left to me! Some of the times it's left to restaurants, take-outs, or the frozen departments in food stores. But like I said, most of the time it's left to me! And here is where it all started.

Cooking for me is something that has to be done while inspired! I can't seem to function in a kitchen without inspiration, although I often will get inspired once I start working with whole foods! BUT, to get my buttocks in the kitchen I first need another thing called motivation, which is usually emerged by some sort of inspiration, so we're back to square one! In an attempt to find motivation to get my buttocks off the couch and into the kitchen, I started searching online for....who knows what?...Yup!...Inspiration!

It started out with allrecipes.com since that was all I knew at the time, and eventually, somehow I ended up journeying through my very first food blog! Oh, smittenkitchen.com, how I loved that blog! All those beautiful photos and amazing recipes got me going like nothing else! Eventually I became obsessed with looking at food blogs for inspiration, and found tons more, which eventually led me into starting my own! Not only to help keep me inspired, but to hopefully inspire others as well :) As you probably noticed, my blog is not the most effective in recipe sharing, since I mostly do "free cooking" and don't have specific measurements of ingredients or specifics "how to prepare" descriptions. My recipes are probably a beginner's cook worst nightmare, as well as to those like my brother who won't cook even a pasta without following STRICTLY what the instructions in the box says!

This blog is mostly for folks just like me, those looking for a source of inspiration, something to stir up the inner chefs in them, and to unleash the freedom and creativeness of "free-cooking" from inside of them! Writing this blog helps keep me inspired and motivated to get myself in the kitchen, unleash the free-cooking in me and cook my family into health! 


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