Monday, September 12, 2011


This past week I've had a friend visiting from out of state, so I didn't get much of a chance to blog.  But I did learn a new salad recipe from her that I'll be trying very soon!!! 

So Saturday evening after dropping her off at the airport, hubby, baby girl and I were able to catch a little bit of the Bull Durham Blues Festival. Durham is very different from everything we've known, having lived mostly in metropolitan areas in the past such as Chicago and San Francisco Bay Area. Blues Festivals I've gone in the past were all very large scale events, but in a way they all felt a little impersonal. A small town's festival provided me with a different experience. Even though things were not as fancy, and definitely much smaller, I enjoyed a lot more than the previous ones I've gone to! There is something about small town events that seems to make you feel like you "belong", like you are an actual part of the community and not just an spectator. 
I LOVED seeing the great diversity of people, you could find people from all ages, race, social standing, disabled...and most of them look so friendly and approachable! Very refreshing coming from Chicago.

And of course FOOD! Wherever you find people, you'll always find food! There were lots of different food stands from local vendors. Hubby and I LOVE kettle corn, so of course as soon as I saw the stand I went straight for it! They were being prepared there right in front of you. Uhhmmm...the sweet & salty, just a great combination with popcorn! Of course we know it's not the type of food one should enjoy regularly, because it's loaded with unnecessary amounts of sugar. But once in a while it's okay to treat yourself with something you enjoy :)


  We also had some freshly squeezed lemonade! 

And of course the music! 
It was great to see everyone bring their chairs and blankets, some brought a bottle of wine or drinks of their choice and snacks to nibble on while watching the show. There was also a bouncy house for older children to play and enjoy. And did I mention it was a free event? A great event for the community!

Shana Tucker totally impressed us with her beautiful voice and musical talent! She's a great jazz singer and musician.
Unfortunately we had to head home early so we missed most of the other musicians that were actually playing some blues, but it was worth staying while we could :)

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  1. Hi Gi!
    I love this kind of festival..the small ones are the best!
    Essa pipoca é mesmo uma tentaçã
    Adorei o está arrasando na bloggosfera :)
    kisses pra sua turminha da galera toda aqui de casa!
    ah..o baby da Wanessa nasceu ..é lindo o Nickolas!