Saturday, September 3, 2011

EAT OUT: Mount Fuji @ the Brightleaf Square - Durham, NC

We have just recently moved to Durham, NC from Chicago IL, so I have been curious about the restaurants in this area and looking forward to finding new tastes!!! Sushi has always been one of my favorite foods to eat out, but also a hard one to find good quality choices. 
I have to say this restaurant at the Brightleaf square impressed me! I wasn't expecting much, especially since it's an "Asian Fusion" restaurant, and not a Japanese restaurant, so I assumed they wouldn't be "experts" in sushi. But the choices I made were excellent! Unfortunately I did not write down the names of my orders, but I remember asking the waiter to suggest something that was a mix of spicy, crunchy & creamy at the same time and the one on the left is what I got (I believe it was called"Tigress"). Absolutely amazing! A perfect blend of spicy, crunchy and creamy, with very good quality fresh fish as well. 

The selection of drinks are very nice as well!!! This margarita may not be a perfect combination with sushi, but it's one of my favorite during summer evenings :)

The atmosphere on a Friday night at the Brightleaf can't get any better! During the summer they have live music on Fridays starting at 7pm, and people even do line dancing! Something I had only seen in movies prior to this day! It is a a very family-friendly atmosphere; a place where you see something that I believe in many places has been lost in our culture today--intergenerational community involvement! With little children, teens, young adults, middle aged and the elderly all together enjoying a great evening of fun!

And you could see each one of them represented in the line dancing! 

This was a fun experience, and definitely a place I'll be returning to! I'm looking forward to exploring more and more of this new place that will be home for the next few years to come and its surrounding area!!! Hopefully I'll have more exciting places and foods to post about :)

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