Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brazilian Flan with an American Twist!

Oh flan, sweet flan!!! 

Flan is probably one of the oldest and most traditional Brazilian desserts. You can't live in Brazil and not know what a flan is. It's like living in the US and not know peanut butter & jelly, french fries or cheesecake! Flan is a staple in the Brazilian cuisine, and I've just discovered it's ridiculously easy to make! 

In my 27 years of being Brazilian, I've eaten flans countless times, but had never made one myself! Inspired by a cousin who is currently living in Sweden, and whom in her attempt to manage her homesickness keeps making all kinds of traditional Brazilian dishes; I decided to venture into making one myself! 

She had mentioned to me about a flan she made that turned out amazing, and as she explained how she made it, I was dumbfounded by how simple and easy it sounded, that I just had to make one myself! And I had the perfect occasion for it: Super Bowl Sunday! (YES, totally not posting dishes in chronological order here...hehehehe)

From all the flans I've eaten, my absolutely favorite was one made by a Brazilian friend in Chicago. Her flan is simply the creamiest one I've ever tried! And her secret? Adding an American twist to it! Key ingredient?  Cream-cheese!

So I decided to try her recipe out! Here are the ingredients you'll need:
  • 1 can of condensed milk
  • 2  cans (use empty can of condensed milk for measure) of milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 oz of cream cheese
  • For sauce: 1 cup of sugar

Oh, sweet condensed milk! It was one my edible passions growing up. In fact, it's most kids passion in Brazil. They now even make little cans for you to drink like a soda, can you believe it? Little did I know all the harm underneath this heavenly creamy sweetness! Definitely NOT something I would let my child drink off a can, but definitely something to enjoy in moderation once in a while in different recipes! And there is no place better to enjoy it than in a flan.

So you basically add all the ingredients (eggs, condensed milk and milk), except sugar to a blender and blend it all! That's the custard part-new English word I just learned the meaning!

You'll need a bundt pan on top of a round baking dish with water in it.

Then make the sauce! Which is basically melting 1 cup of sugar and placing it in the bundt pan. Move pan around so sugar syrup will stick to all sides of the pan. Look at photo for reference:

Cover bundt pan with two foil papers. 

Place under 340F for about two hours or until you stick a knife and it comes out clean.

It was a big hit at the party!!!  
Definitely making this again ;)

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