Wednesday, January 18, 2012

100% Healthy Homemade Ice-cream

I can't even tell you how VERY excited I am about this!!! It's simply amazing how easy it is to make this delicious and completely, totally, 100% healthy ice-cream. No ice-cream maker needed! Just a high power blender (I used a ninja pulse, but a magic bullet will work well too and of course if you have a vita mix, than you probably know this recipe already! hehehe). If you enjoy sorbets and creamy textures, you'll absolutely LOVE this! The best part is that the combinations you can make here are endless.

 Here are the ingredients I used for this one:
  • 1 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1 Tbsp of cashew butter (optional, and could use other nut butters too)
  • 7 whole grains nuggets for garnish and crunchiness (optional)
  • Chocolate chip to taste (I used semi-sweet b/c they are vegan)

Because I don't have a Vita Mix (which I hear you can add the frozen ingredients and they turn into this most smooth and just like ice-cream consistency!), I let them thaw just a little bit before adding them to my Ninja. Once I added them to the blender, I pulsed a little, then added the cashew butter and a little bit of water to help blend smoothly. Also kept helping with a spoon to get some of the fruits that were stuck on the sides of the blender into the mixture. In just a few minutes of blending I had this perfectly smooth, creamy, delicious ice-cream! Then all I had to do was add some 7 whole grain nuggets on top and some semi-sweet chocolate chips! 

Did all this during a quick break while watching a movie, and soon I was enjoying a movie with an awesomely tasty and healthy treat :)

I find it so empowering to know that  I can make my own healthy, tasty alternatives to what our profit-driven (not health-driven) food industry has to offer! I find it so empowering to be taking my life and health back from this high-profit industry that wants me addicted to all sort of junk so they can pocket my money and ensure the medical industry takes some of it as well!

I want to indulge in all the marvelous foods my God has created for me to enjoy and live happy and healthy :)

No sugar, No milk, No xanthan gum, No guar gum, No artificiality, just pure, creamy, delicious goodness directly from nature.

Cheers!!! ;)

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