Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!!!!!!

After returning home from a 4-day trip to a neighboring state with our one-year-old daughter (who DOES NOT sleep well outside our home, consequently leaving me with sleepless nights as well) I wanted NOTHING to do with New Year's celebrations. Fireworks only in my sweet dreams please!

Being tired from the trip and with our house a total mess of toys, luggage and dirty laundry, I wanted nothing to do with the kitchen either, so we decided to put our baby girl to sleep and order pizza! I'm normally not a great fan of ordering pizza here in Durham, since I haven't found a place that does delivery AND makes awesome, tasty, thin crust, gourmet pizzas. So Papa Johns had to do it! To my taste, the one we ordered left much to be desired, but I am a sucker for cheese, so anything with cheese in it will quickly please the foodie in me! Especially now that I've limited my cheese consumption dramatically. 

We paired that with a bottle of blackberry wine that a friend of mine gave us last time she visited from Indiana. And THAT was our NYE special meal...I know...pathetic!

But the best part is that even better than great food is great company, and I have to say I've been blessed with an awesome man to share my life with :) 

We spent our last hours of our year doing one of our favorite things to do: talk! No baby, no family, no friends, just US! Not that we don't love all of the above, but sometimes it's nice to be just the two of us, like in the "good 'old days"! This eventually led, no, no, not what you're led to me quizzing him on words he has recently learned in a new book he got called "A Brilliant Mind"! He's obsessed with it now, and I've become his official proctor!

It's quite interesting the different words you find in there, most of which I would have never known to be English! Maybe it's because English is my second language, but who knew bon vivant was in the English dictionary? AND best of all, that it means "one who enjoys food"? Pretty cool, eh? 
Jo means "sweetheart" sweet! And bibliophile, a lover of books :) just to name a few!

Anyway...that was our fun for the night! After that I tried very hard to stay up for the fireworks (on TV of course), but by 10pm my sleepless week began to kick in, my eyes began to shut and to bed I went!
Spent my last hours of the year doing one of my very favorite and precious thing to do since little one was born: SLEEP!!!

Hope everyone had a great end of 2011 and that 2012 may be a year filled with victories, discoveries, adventures and true joy that comes only from Above!
Happy 2012!!!!!!

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