Monday, January 30, 2012

CCC: Clementine Covered Chocolate!!!

We all heard of the popular strawberry covered chocolate before! If you happen to be a big fan of that (like me), wait until you try this!!! :D Totally AWESOME!

These clementines are a HUGE hit at our home right now. My daughter will eat these all day if I let her. She'll walk to the fridge and will keep trying to open the door. Our fridge door is not very heavy, so if she tries hard enough she usually can open it! Once she gets it open, she goes straight to the drawer where she finds the clementines, and grabs one and brings it to me.

The past few days I've been obsessed with eating chocolate! For "whatever" reason, this seems to always happen faithfully once a month! Almost in a cyclical manner, if you know what I mean! ;)   

So having had already plain "semi-sweet baking chocolate" (the only one I could find in my pantry) the night before, this time I decided to try something different! The amazing, refreshing, clementine, with some melted semi-sweet baking chocolate (which are vegan and cholesterol-free!). 

The only thing I could think of while eating these was: "how did I not think of this before?" I always loved orange flavored chocolate! What better than mixing the REAL THING with the other REAL THING? :)

So GOOD!!!! Now I just gotta remember chocolate, even cholesterol-free, is not sugar-free! So not something to eat all the time. BUT, my next endeavor is exploring sugar-free chocolate! The pure stuff! :) Will keep you updated on how that goes...

Until then, how about some sweetened CCC your way?!?!

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